Diamond 800N Jacket Custom

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This is a custom version of a stylish classical fencing jacket, with made with a strong, soft and safe high quality 800N fabric, available in black, white and red.

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This is customized version of our “Diamond 800N” jacket.
The cloth was inspired by a version of Gajaroni’s Fencing Master’s jacket that was produced in the early years of the twentieth century.  This gives our Diamond 800N jacket a truly classical and elegant style that also gives the modern day Master increased protection and freedom of movement.

The Diamond 800N jacket is composed of two layers of fabric:

  • an internal layer of perforated felt along with complete and breathable fabric that affects all parts of the jacket and constitutes a first protective cushioning for protection from hits, and one outer layer 800N fabric that can be made in white, black or red.
  • The jacket front, is adorned with a lozenge pattern with different layers of protection, one of which is constituted by a special mattress made of shaped memory material.

This design augments the classical style while providing modern material composition. The sleeves further suggest a martial style with an embellished military pattern of red piping. This ornamentation is arranged so that it is protected by the glove of the weapon hand that will save it from strikes and cuts. There are slightly different versions for Men and Women.

Colored satin defines the design of the sleeves of the back and neck for safety. The jacket closure rivals the best in the industry and is accomplished by means of a hinge of the highest quality and resistance that works in conjunction with a beautiful lapel of pure aesthetic function equipped with metal buttons and Velcro.

Careful attention to cut and fit allows optimum mobility of the arms and shoulders. The wristbands are provided with elastic inserts to further ensure  a complete range of motion. The jacket is resplendent with a Gajardoni Badge on the shoulder and a leather label on the collar.

It is recommended for light engagement in historic fencing, full engagement in classical fencing (the period for which the original model was designed) or as a jacket for the master of modern sport fencing.

All production and processing steps are genuinely MADE IN ITALY!

The official protection level is the European Norm: EN 13567/2007: level 2 (>800 N)

The production times are approximately 6 weeks.

If you need a standard version, please look at the Diamond 800N Jacket

Please download the Measures Sheet for Jackets, fill it in all its parts with all your requests and mail it to info@gajardoni.com

Please note that, according with its style, the jacket fits pretty tight!


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