Challenge 800N Jacket Custom

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The Custom version of the Challenge Jacket 800N is designed specifically for Longsword competition, made in a strong an flexible high quality fabric, black, white or red!
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This is customized version of our Challenge Jacket 800N.
The cloth is designed specifically for Longsword, but can be used for any heavy use in Historic Fencing or martial arts.
  • The outer surface is composed of a single layer of fabric of 800 newton resistance to perforation and can be had in black, white or red.
  • There is then an inner layer of perforated felt that is completely breathable.  These two layers, which covers all areas of the jacket,  constitute a first protection from blows.
  • The front is quilted with a design which lends an impression of renaissance motifs.
  • Inside the jacket are protective pads of varying densities that are fixed in place by Velcro.  They can be cut and shaped or re-positioned to have customized protection and comfort. The areas protected by these pads are: the arms, the neck, the sternum, and the entire torso with the exception of the central part of the back.
  • Inside the collar there is a further strip of protective material which makes it unnecessary to use a gorget.  This strip can be extracted if so desired.
  • The shoulders and elbows are constructed with external pockets which house shockproof pads.  Providing such padding in this way eschews the need for external retaining straps that can shift and leave critical areas unprotected.
The Jacket features a back zipper of the highest quality in the trade and features a lanyard draw strap to facilitate closure.
The jacket is finished with the Gajardoni Patch on the shoulder, and a leather label on the collar.
The facing material is produced according to the standard EN 16567: Level 2 (>800 N), the highest protection provided for by fencing legislation.
All stages of production and processing are completely  MADE IN ITALY!
The production times are approximately 6 weeks.
If you need a standard version, please look at the Challenge Jacket 800 N
Please download the Measures Sheet for Jackets, fill it in all its parts with all your requests and mail it to

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