A matter of strength!

800N fabric

Gajardoni is Italian style, in the design of its products, in the attention to details, in the choice of materials. Today we are talking just about this. The ones used in Gajardoni clothing are high performance and high quality fabrics. The base one is the standard 350N polyester, made specifically for fencing, appreciable in performance

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New hoodie

Skuba jacket

Two layers of soft jersey, two different colors, finished with exposed seams, in a thin sandwich with MTP foam. Our idea of “neoprene effect” but with the breathability of high quality fabrics. A new hoodie, a new jacket takes life in our workshop, but it is ready for the launch on the market very soon.

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New site with no panic!

work in progress

Hello everybody! As you are seeing our website is changed, going to a more powerful server. This will cause some short period of transition, and perhaps some little issues could happen… But the whole operation will not affect the orders previously done, that will remain valid for all effects and will be delivered as soon as

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Did you ever took a look at our “AIR MASK” system? Just pump it up!!! THE AIR MASK SYSTEM IMPROVES MASK WEARABILITY! The Air Mask system is based on a air buffer, dynamically and quickly adjustable by the owner following its personal needs. The buffer permits to the air to fluently distribute even it those zones

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